Chocolate Fusion by Lori is your go to resource for that special chocolaty gift that will have your family, friends and business acquaintances talking, in a good way, of course. Our hand-dipped and often unusual combinations make our chocolates undeniably unique. Like a work of art, we combine artisanship and imagination into each treat we create. Our chocolates can be abstract to make you question if you should look at the chocolate or eat it,by all means, eat it!

What’s New

Have you seen the newest creations from the kitchens of Chocolate Fusion by Lori? Enter here to view our latest delicious and indulgent chocolate creations.

Monthly Feature

Have you seen this month’s exceptional, seasonal chocolate indulgence? Each month we’ll feature a specially designed seasonal chocolate confection to satisfy you cravings.

Chocolate Trays

Are you looking for that special, wow, dessert to adorn your buffet or take to a party?Each uniquely crafted tray is created with the person, event or celebration in mind and is sure to get you noticed!

Pretzels and Cookies

At the core of our trays and other gift arrangement are our rich, hand-dipped pretzels, cookies, marshmallow and other unusually tasty items. Here’s where you can choose individual items to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Corporate and Marketing

Do you need to find that special scrumptious lasting impression for your business?Like our chocolate trays, our specially designed corporate and marketing gifts are individually crafted and deliciously way to say thank you to values employees, corporate clients or referral sources.


Scroll through our photo gallery; see where Chocolate Fusion by Lori began, with chocolate trays for friends, family and holiday celebrations and how it’s grown to so much more.